Sonic boom [ewf] (a poem by Jack)

The serenades of the muse play background music to the true masters of the Sonar.. Earth reverberates the heart beat of the Galaxy.. The sonic waves of the Masters’ octave can hit your ear and take you to a world far off… 

All that funk is groovy man..
Winds make bones chill.. The clatter of such make for a smooth steady vibration..
But the master of the bass is fire.. Pure excitement and over joy.. Moving to a double-beat.. Twice as fast for his passion is necessary to ignite the spirit.. A souls soldier…And the earth is but a temporary launch point… To keep the soul grounded in like-minded company..
Get on board and let your soul search the planes of tomorrow land.. Ride the wave of perfect harmony.. While you are there.. Take the time to look around.. Relax.. There is no rush for time is but a dream… And in this land everything is the real.. Let the bass sync  your heart beat with the echoes of infinity..
And when you’re ready to return… Allow the crescendo of the falsetto to take you so far past tomorrow land that you’re back to where you began.. And it was like you never left…
Grooving… And funking… Bopping your head.. Clapping your hands… And snapping your feet to the Master’s of the Sonar..
Feel the Earth… Absorb the Wind… And radiate the Fire!

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