Misplaced (a poem by Jack)

Aloof … The thoughts of the mind traverse with bountiful stride.. Step outside of the sense and into a land of isn’t.. You can’t feel the dew of the grass along the bottom of your feet.. You can’t feel the brisk of the wind creating a chill of goose bumps along your arms.. You can’t smell… You can’t sense the setting.. But for a brief moment it’s like you’re there… But you are not.. I guess that’s why they call it fantasy..

It’s as never good as it ought to be.. When they come true they never live up to what they were..
Now imagine being the lifeblood of another’s fantasy.. Imagine being lost and stuck in another’s fantasy… You can no longer hear.. Feel it.. see yourself… But you know you exist.. Somewhere… Somehow.. Sometime… 
Would this be a cruel joke… Or a power you can circumvent… There is No exit, only initiation to further pursuit down the rabbit hole.. If you were ever to wake up.. Oh if you were to ever wake up…

2 thoughts on “Misplaced (a poem by Jack)”

  1. Right on, bro. As I sit and I brood over this elusive life before me, a quick step into your mind, and I’m feeling better. A bit of perspective redirection via Misplaced. Thought-provoking prose (and image). Right on. Thank you.

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