Deaf of a salesman (a poem by Jack)

Let your soul breathe and explore til the times right…while you’re chasing star’s light use earth’s time to get your mind right…

Don’t be alarmed or frantic when she don’t come back.. Rather she will, but with so much new you may no longer knew who she is…
Your soul leaves your body and escapes your mind… When she returns like a thief in the night… You scold her like an adulterous salacious lover.. You make her leave everything at the door… EVERYTHING..
You beat her… You reprimand her.. You destroy her humanity and look what you’re left with..
Look at yourself…
You’ve left her ashamed.. Withdrawn.. In fear.. As an integrated being you allow your desires and logic to drag along a battered and abused soul.. 
As your body fails.. And your mind eats itself with dementia.. What exactly will you be left with? Will you then rely on her to save you?
Will you now allow her to express herself? Will it not be too late?
You will soon find out.. Let your soul explore while the times right… Before she’s trapped in the box until your minds right…

2 thoughts on “Deaf of a salesman (a poem by Jack)”

  1. I had Arthur Miller’s book in my hand today, at the bookstore. Coincidence? It’s been an odd night, for me. Lots of coincidences going on and off. Like your post… it’s speaking to me. I’m letting it. I’m going with it… Like you said, “let your soul explore while the times right…” Why not right now? Another very cool post! Cheers~

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