BS unlimited (a poem by Jack)

This is God’s plan it wasn’t mine… So cut the bull shit..

I am God.. So this plan wasn’t mine..
By way of the universe.. A shared orientation… Communed upon by able projections.. By vibrational trajectory.. Through magnetic cosmic speak..
Cut the bull shit..
You control very little.. Only how much you’re willing to suffer..
I am God..
You control it all.. At least in your minds eye..
So cut the bull shit..
What’s it gonna be..
Life or Death..
Pain or misery..
Fear or freedom..
Wake up and attest to your Devine presence.. Ignite your Devine spark.. Or forever be overshadowed by that which can’t overshadow a damn thing..
Wake up.. Because you are controlling it all whether you are aware or not.. It’s who is controlling you that needs be your concern..
So cut the BS..

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