Battle of Jericho (a poem by Jack)

Like the castle that sits atop the hill in solitude… This physical body is both fortress and prison… Protecting us from that which seeks to consume our soul.. Yet, also restricting us as a means of protecting us…

Lay siege.. 
An impregnable bulwark… Don’t accept the Trojan horse and sacrifice yourself to your own demise.. They can’t touch you, yet in your current state you can’t free yourself.. A catch 22..
Oh how they want to touch YOU!
Go within yourself.. Ready yourself.. Learn yourself.. Protect your innocence while necessary but eventually you will have to lower your walls.. And bring the fight to them.. Allow the dragon to fly… Allow the dragon to do what dragons do.. It all started from an egg.. The egg is incubating inside you.. Keep egg safe.. Egg will hatch.. Dragon will grow.. They will flee..
But if you allow them in your fortress prematurely.. By.. “Giving your soul to…”
Your demise with be nothing short of inevitable.. For the master of lies has sought to kill.. steal.. And destroy.. By all means necessary.. For energy is energy… Whether it be Creative or Destructive..Do not offer your soul to any… No matter how persuasive their miracle.. Their dogma.. Their rhetoric.. Their logic..
Your fortress is your prison yet it is also only temporary.. Time is but time.. Neither of which last forever..
Can you define what it is… But with a portion of it…
Are you a man? Or is it that but a portion of what it is…
Your fortress is your poetry..and your story is all they desire..

2 thoughts on “Battle of Jericho (a poem by Jack)”

  1. This is one of the best pieces I’ve read tonight. The energy and spirit is contagious. I feel a fire under my ass to lay the foundation of my fortress. I may write some silly stuff but there is also a seriousness in my bones. I’m working on getting it out, meanwhile, I’ll keep up with your posts. Cheers ~

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