Winds blow and ashes scatter… (A poem by Jack)

I see broken cities and loss tribes in the eyes of my peers.. I see lost traditions on the faces of our youth..

I see abandoned birth rites on the flesh of the unknowing..
I’m left with a sad-bitter taste in my spirit..
I spit the disgust of the unrighteous.. As I sing the peasant songs of my conquers…
I am a conquered people.. But I am a free soul.. Free to go to and forth as I will.. Seeking and understanding the knowledge of my ancestors..
But it doesn’t make me less sad.. And it makes no greater than the next.. Because the flesh of my flesh believes the Anerican Dream is all there is to live for.. Picture that.. A spirit being who’s only purpose is to bring to life a physical abstract..
I hugged the mother of my living.. I merged with the earth’s crust and have an unrestricted covenant with her..It may be unconditional, but there are always conditions with any love.. She accepted me as is, as her protector.. I accepted her as is– a home.. And we merged.. Spirit and earth.. Ashes to ashes.. Dust to dust.. Breath with spirit..
But my memory has been vacated.. Promises annexed… And all has almost been wiped clean.. But deep down inside I know.. I know that I once knew.. And that is what my soul jettisons for…
These tears are only because I may have disappointed earth with my ambitions and greed.. I pray she forgives and ushers me back to righteousness.. The way will be revealed.. I pray we have eyes to see it..
I pray our scattered consciousness collects in the wind..
The blue print is there… Ours minds simply need to be reengineered to read the specs..and follow the way..

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