systematic “justice”.. (A poem by Jack)

Rules, just as systems, are meant to be broken…
Voices are ruled disposable..and dispondent… Actions have become almost as meaningless as words.. Just cheap tricks.. A means to barter more attention..
It’s the attention that matters most.. Trapped within the confines of these cold.. Well crafted, calculated boxes… Every man is an island of themselves.. Yet interconnected through the invisible net… We keep ourselves locked away only exposing that which is acceptable.. To the opinions of the information highway..
I created my own prison and I’m enslaved to it… My mind keeps creating patterns.. Thoughts wrapped around thoughts.. Shaping the mind state of a fool..A Fool chasing after a sequence that I can never catch… With no control.. Everything I ask for.. Eventually shows up.. But never timely.. 
Usually by the time they show, I can’t recognize I’ve ever asked for it..
It’s the boxes.. I bang on the boxes.. I want out.. But for every wall I break down two more spring up in its place.. Forever entrapped in this consciousness…
These rules I tell ya… This system I tell ya…

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