life…. Is life.. Regardless.. (A poem by Jack)

Through clear eyes.. I see the guilt and anguish that haunts your soul..

I would tell you that you’ve been forgiven.. but both you and I know that already..
And for some reason you are unabsolved..
The forgiveness will never be accepted until you forgive yourself.. Until then, the guilt will guide your path.. Like quicksand the more you struggle.. The further you fall within yourself.. Sucking you under.. Your soul .. Your guilt.. Your purpose.. All become indistinguishable.. Just a muck..
Does fate hold you accountable.. Perhaps it was the perfect triangulation of events.. Perhaps it was this souls specifications to encounter an origin of this nature.. Although we may not be like others.. We were never meant to be alike anyway.. So let me conquer my journey and you conquer yours.. But you can’t escape the quicksand and get back to going where you need to go.. Until you forgive yourself.. This is a self imposed prison.. The only God that has the key..
Is you…

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