Verily I say unto you… (a poem by Jack)

Because it’s all you know.. Doesn’t mean it’s all there is.. Like two lions scrapping on the Serengeti! Death in death out.. We fight for the flesh to keep our lives.. But beyond this circle of survival, rest a spirit of eternity.. So what exactly are you fighting for?

I’ve gotten so entrenched in my story.. I lost sight of the big picture.. The grand narrative..
The moonlight never battles with the Sun, for it understands timing is everything.. The moon light pierces and rules the earth when most are sleep.. The predator tip toes along the gaze of the moon’s refraction..

I fight for love, but love is shared never won.. I fight for life, but life is granted never– how long do you watch another struggle before assistance is granted.. But ye is not thou brothers keeper.. Ye definitely are not thou makers keeper.. So even worse is the fate of the fallen God…
Bombs bursting in air.. Shooting stars.. Lifeless flesh hanging from the gallows.. A battle for supremacy is trivial thus a battle for survival ensued.. But survival implies a dependency upon time.. Do you really want to be outside of time in your current condition..

So much more to learn, even a fallen God can carry a righteous message… Even a burned out star has everything to offer… To explore because history has an uncanny way of retelling the same story again, just changing a minor detail here or there.. And because you know the story already.. Doesn’t  mean that’s all there is..

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