Valleys and Peaks (a poem by Jack)

The shadows admire the light so.. 

For without the light they cease to exist, they lose all individuality and become swallowed by the matter what animosity they display.. They adore the light and also feel spite because their survival directly correlates..

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.. I remain detached as if a blank slate.. I float through and see the reactions.. 

It’s the reactions that are so convincing..

The visceral on the faces.. The hatred in the eyes.. The betrayal behind the smiles..

If I were a blank slate before.. Who am I to believe I am now? Is it me that provokes these responses.. Or is it them.. Certainly I’m the source.. The licentious provocateur!

But it’s the ease and the comfort of the vibrations that keeps me going.. The soothing word.. Inaudible.. But comforting.. It can not be interpreted only reacted upon.. I am like that word.. They comprehend me not but I provide plenty to react to…

I provide both source and inspirations.. But still I walk.. With uncertainty.. Although the prophecy has been written.. I can’t walk by faith because that’s a product of the mind.. I only can walk… And vibe.. And be…  And death is there, adjacent to my life, simply a revolving corridor that leads into itself.. Yet I walk through this valley.. Preparing myself to climb to the peak of the mountain top..

At some point this blank slate has filled in.. Will fill in.. Yet, with what.. The projections of others? Or the interpretations of said projections? I prepare myself.. Stop, reflect and realize maintaining who I am is all I need to reach the apex.. Nothing but what I am is of necessity..

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