1000 precepts (a poem by Jack)

If the mind can’t perceive.. It could never be..it will not exist.. Until a mind perceives.. Imagination is what?

There’s hell out there, in the skies.. They aren’t pitch black but more of a jaded peach… Thick clouds,so the heavens almost don’t exist.. At least they can’t be perceived by the natural eye..

My consciousness is shackled.. The more chains I remove the more chains I become aware of.. My mind, captured inside a gilded cage.. A crucified imagination is but one symptom.. The more chains I remove the more my fellow captures attempt to put the chains back on..

The more I diverge, the more unsafe it all seems.. 

Stricken by fear.. 

I can’t be myself, unless it’s accepted by the majority.. Rather I can’t be myself because I have little idea as to what I am..

Neither does anyone else but those chains of bondage provide explanation enough.. At least from what I’ve witnessed..

I just sit back and watch.. Never responding.. Just watching.. 

My enemies.. Never had the privilege of seeing.. But I persistently see the ramifications of their deeds.. Perpetual puppeteers.. Prodding us like cattle.. Using the weakest among us to alter the perception of the many.. Prodigious conditioning.. Repetitious preponderance.. The same lie told over and over until perception becomes reality..

The mind can only perceive what it can perceive.. So who’s shaping existence… if imagination is void..  

Where is the world we live in coming from.. If not the imagination..

Then from who?

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