An unHoly Baptism (a poem by Jack)

You must be born of that from which this place comes from: born again, Yes your spirit is birthed into the the transportational portal of the soul..




Air… Earth…

A las, this vast world is a glorious incarnation..

But it wasn’t the first… It wasn’t my first..

Gold in my eyes.. I want it all.. Gold in my bones.. 

Baptism by desire.. A manifest of the mind..A willingness to proceed…

A frequency you can’t behold creates laws you can’t perceive but must adhere to..

The flesh of your ancestors behold many secrets… Rather truths.. The pure frequencies they could perceive allowed for more… More imagination.. Expanded realities..

Well,to be in another dimension, one must be born of that which thou seeks… But how can one seek what thou can’t see.. How can one see with a distilled mind’s eye.. A handicapped imagination bombarded by radiated frequencies..

Corrupted perception..

Distorted sight..

Breached birth..

The body can only hold the soul for so long… Go to sleep… Let me sleep.. I just want to sleep.. 

Dream dense spirit, dream!

Yet, if you can’t be born of your destination.. You must prepare your destination for your birth.. 

So desolation ravages the environment.. Breaking down all that makes the earth beautiful.. Preparing the birth of a new dawn.. Of something new whom befits a more UGLY atmosphere..

Will earth protectors protect.. Or will they parish with their mother..

For I will be reborn.. A different message for a different star…


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