redesigned (a poem by Jack)

Sometimes, my only desire is to crawl up into myself and die… If only to stop the noise… A solace place of refuge to enjoy peace…I swear it’s the noise..

Time and time again.. The noise prompts to suffering..

If it wasn’t for my beauty I wouldn’t be..

And if it wasn’t for my ugly I would have no purpose..

It’s tragic when the unloved show pity on me… Do you not see yourself?

It’s difficult to see yourself when you lack identity.. Rather lack your own identity.. When you are a copy of an imitation’s words you begin to see life through a filter..

You show pity on me because I see and embrace my Ugly.. It’s not all beautiful but it is me.. And it is unique.. And it does give me something to grow with.. Something for my spirit to reconcile.. A place where my soul can go.. Traverse.. Travel.. Live…

But for now I’m inundated with the feeling of wanting to crawl within myself.. To be one with something.. Someone.. Anyone..

Yet I’m the only one I see.. So that’s where I choose to dwell…

Surrounding myself with the duality of ugly and beauty..

What is man?

But an interesting dichotomy…

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