uncaged bird (a poem by Jack)

What’s the point of loving someone if you can’t engage..

Ensnared within a cage..

Like a princess locked away in a tower for her own protection..

Who’s love are you guarding..

The cage bird sings.. As a means to be free.. Yet,what else can he do?

Is love an ideal to be looked at,  welcomed by the outside world.. A spectacle.. Yet, between the two of us, it is placed upon a pedestal.. Something to be cherished, looked at.. Observed with awe..

Yet, is it not something meant to experience.. Be engrossed upon and enacted from moment to moment..

Or perhaps convenience does win out.. Perhaps it is something meant to be called upon when your mind’s not wrought or loaded down with frivolity… because after all.. Life is important..

It’s our sole purpose for existence.. To be good at life, right? The details don’t so much matter as long as the summary is captivating..

Yet, the heart beats for the details.. The soul yearns for the details.. Because without the details the caged bird would have no reason to sing at all..

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