Caveman..(a poem by Jack)

It isn’t quite what you assume..

 I, like you, was in a cave.. In some instances may still be.. 

Amused and entertained by the dancing shadows along the cavern walls..

Spirited by them, the shadows, so much that they were all I learned to revere..

The dark is what I knew, what I called home, and the limited amount of light was just enough to create the shadows.. The light was creation and the shadows were our gods.. All of our hopes, aspirations and desires were within the shadows..

It contained both death and life..

Until one day one of us gained the courage to climb towards the light itself..

This courage was quickly dissuaded..

 Blinded by the radiance…

He couldn’t adjust (for he didn’t know to).. Back to the shadows he fled.. Warning the rest of us that the light is nothing but pain… something to be feared.. 

And believe you me, I believed him.. I stayed where I was meant to be.. I was used to it, comforted by it.. What else was there?

But curiosity was always there..

Tantalizing me..

Tempting me..

Perplexing me.. What’s beyond the light.. If the light is Creation.. What’s beyond the source.. 

Is there life after birth?

Well that answer would be for you to find out.. Like I said.. I, like you, was once in a cave.. And in some instances..

Still am…

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