moon collectors… (A poem by Jack)

I slept under the moon light and all of  my thoughts-in-error went away.. 

The gentle light danced around my head.. In a ritualistic fashion until the anxious thoughts surfaced..

Like the fairies of old.. 

Those thoughts were gathered and bundled together.. As a beast of burden would, they carried those thoughts back to the moon atop their back..

I saw the trek.. Is wasn’t arduous, in fact they smiled while holding fast to my burden.. As though my trash was indeed their treasure..

 Upon the moon light’s journey…

When I awoke.. Everything was ok..

I’d like to think I slept it off.. But truth is, I did no such.. Because as I slept.. I journied away from my body and my thoughts as well.. I witnessed the moon and how it eventually ended up with my discarded thoughts…

I myself was on Jupiter’s moons… Conversing with myself.. Although not truly myself because it was the me of 5 million years ago, a bit ahead of my time I am..

But like I said when I awoke.. All was right.. And I was back to my regular self.. Me again.. Without the worries..

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