Strangers of Brothers (a poem by Jack n Jack)

Everything’s more beautiful when you’re sad… Beauty redefines itself.. It finds a way to transfigure itself and show you who it really is…

“You were waiting for me..”

What the fuck is coincidence but two points coinciding at a third… A triangulation if you will…

Was I waiting for you, or did fate provide the circumstance.?

My brother we are one in but the same… I hear you the same as you hear me.. I can only touch your soul so much.. Give but a hope.. The piper that is you must fan the flame…

As all my prophesies, yours too will prove true… All I ask is that you remember this instance in time.. And understand that God is true…

The demons you speak of do take ho ld, but perhaps they aren’t all that you imagine.. Perhaps it’s only half the puzzle you’ve solved…

And seeing is half the battle, what you do next is true fulfillment… Sitting idle does nothing but welcome death..

purpose is change… And purpose is the only driving force that matters..

So brother, I may be the demon of your dreams… But that doesn’t make me any less of the god you seek we should be…

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