Say hello.. (A poem by Jack)

Among us they lie in wait.. Expressing, disorientating themselves but only every so often…But mainly they remain dormant as any parasite would and should..

For if host every gained knowledge… Everything collapses upon itself..

They study us.. In aims to mimic us.. In order to capture our spectacle.. So that one day we will no longer be of necessity..

And now they study us in order to manage our energies.. The negativity, hurt and lust provides a breath of life into their very being..

So they left us with The Spectacle… A mechanism designed to self perpetuate their desires, like clockwork it runs… And as the time ticks away, so does the humanity of man..

Brothers slay brothers for the illusion of money..

Man no longer makes love but alleviates greed through lust..

Fathers abuse sons just to grasp on to a power they can never true attain.. 

Like water power can never be held in the hand for long.. For all power goes back to the source.. The Spectacle.. The Queen Machine… Designed through many years of analyzation.. Built by the frame work of human nature and fueled by the hopes and desires men alike…

Love that once built us.. Systematically redirected to instigate and antagonize our own undoing..

Love will win out one way or another.. And for one side if not the other…

Parasite or host… Whom shall prevail?

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