broken cocoon (a poem by Jack)

Greater doesn’t study the lesser..
The lesser studies the Greater…
They keep us under a microscope because they understand where the truth lies..

I was told… If you make it home before sunset… Consider yourself lucky…and I did, because I do… I’m not quite home yet, but I feel that nothing can stop the truth..
But then again.. I was told.. If I made it home, I should consider myself lucky…

Ominous… Brooding… Death upon a star… 

Study the twinkly of memories past…

Your heart begins to race because you don’t understand how you’ll meet your demise…

You simply came to the realization that you aren’t as lucky as you presumed…

Death and luck have never met..

So eventually you’ll realize it’s not your demise you’ll meet but a new you, you’ll become.. And through all the struggle you’ll realize that that light you were walking toward was merely a crack in the cocoon…

How do you feel? Was all the anxiety worth it?

You’re no longer forced to touch the earth in order to feel free.. You can allow the wind to truly guide you…

And maybe your demise was but another stop  in a never ending journey towards home..


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