Shallow Seas (a poem by Jack)

Sometimes it’s best to reside atop a sea of darkness.. It’s best to saunter along the surface than to fall rather crash into the depths…This morning I brew in thoughts of spite.. I became drunk with hate and unattainable reprehension…

I lay upon my side, fetal position, thinking.. How can I forgive another if the hurt still festers.. If the pain lingers how do I let go? How do I make it unbothersome when no matter how dismissive I am, it just never goes away…

I generally walk along the surface of darkness but this morning.. I stumbled in.. Not too deep.. But far enough to regret the humility I’ve chosen to bare… Nothing rewarding comes with humility, only the ability for others to fuck with you guilt free..

Grabbing you by the collar and dumping your head in the sea, holding you under until the darkness fills your lungs and you’re gasping for any semblance of sanity…

If forgiveness was real, perhaps the waters would remain shallow, perhaps these still waters would not run so damn deep..

Yet as it is, I reside on the fragile surface of the dark blue sea… With only faith to guide my very steps…

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