Humpty came home to roost (a poem by Jack)

How can you turn on me, when I’m the one who set you free.. You are my underlings, and now that you found me in this box–you dare close the walls in on me..

Attempting to crush me from all feasible angles..

As though I’m no leader of men.. As though I’m no leader of you.. As though I didn’t read the small writing on this contract of life..

And I know what you said… You can unleash us but you can never control us, “you’ll have no idea what condition the chicken will be in when it comes back to roost” you said..

Well I played the court gesture only to besiege the King.. I played the fool and studied the almighty and ascertained ways to take what was up for grabs…

When that cosmic egg cracked, none of the King’s horses and none of the King’s men could put it back together again..

There’s only possibilities no certainties in this relationship, I know. But the more rope I give the more they hang themselves.. And the more rope that’s given to me, the more I can’t escape the misery of my own doings.. I was warned yet didn’t listen, I thought It all could be made right with but a thought..

But here I am, surrounded by these same malices I once nurtured and used as collateral.. Now I beg of them to set me free..

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