Well maybe (stream of consciousness)

You know, I was thinkin..

Maybe we ain’t really meant to be human at all…

You know?

Like…I was reading bout these various Russian children who were raised by packs of dogs..

They adopted their mannerisms..

Even down to walking on all fours.. And eating that which their pact ate.. Completely engrossed in the identity that they associated with..

Made me think about how much we are just creatures that mimic… 

Monkey see monkey do…

All the fads..

All the trends..

All the slang…

We just see something and cling to it..

Maybe everything we knew about being human was but a lie…

Something the first were indoctrinated with..

And we simply carried on as habit..

Maybe these social constructs are just that.. Constrictions.. Constructs built to construct who we really are.. What we are really capable of..

Maybe we barely scratched the surface of what we really are.. 

Maybe we’re too stuck on being who and not curious enough to roller what…

What are you?

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