Dreams are for memories… (A poem through Jack)

How do you close your eyes and remember a dream.. as though it were a memory that was meant to be forgotten.. Somehow etched not on the surface of your brain.. But beneath, somewhere below it dangles as a ripe fruit ready to be picked..

Eyes wide shut.. I’m closed off to the drudgeries… But they keep knocking at my door..
The cookies crumble.. As is the kingdom.. Not my kingdom… At least not any more.. A shared kingdom that was..

No.. I speak of this replacement kingdom where no king reigns at all.. 

Only Hypocrisy…

All around, the kingdom is slowly shattering.. The Angels are weaping as the prophecy unfolds..and unfolds…and unfolds again.. Self-referential is the pattern until the Soul(collective) becomes self-aware it will remain stagnate as flesh does..

I’ve seen money buy hearts.. Fears.. Flesh.. Sweat.. Affection.. And souls(lowercase “s”) alike..

All returned to sender with no refund in sight..

Once they’ve been used for all their worth not even the bottom feeder wants what remains.. And what’s left is what you see.. 

All you see is all you hate.. You look in the mirror with innocence and proclaim it could never be me.. With vitriol you exclaim it’s them.. Never us or we.. Always them.. It’s the world that’s vile.. They’ve done it to themselves.. They deserve what they get.. And yes tis true.. But it’s only a matter of time before that fate befalls you..

And then who will we blame.. As long as the soul sleeps the Soul will remained slumbered..

Do not you want your Kingdom as it should be? 

You condemned the prophet yet live his Prophecy daily…

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