Just the way it is… (A poem by Jack)

That’s just the way it is…
Sometimes you’re forced to concede.. Because life’s predicaments present empty solutions..
It was worse before.. Now there’s a lot more chances..

So they would have you to believe.. But what’s a chance at fate if you know your soul naught…
You can see the angst on their faces…

If you take the time to look.. The clues are often staring back at you..

 It’s all about where you’re at..

But who you are shouldn’t change with circumstance.. Should it?

Not even a disguise can hide the struggle.. When you’re trapped in a box with no way out.. The panic sets in and the strain emerges across your face..

But invisible walls form invisible borders creating invisible barriers creating actual angst.. Actual misery.. Actual decadence and deterioration of character…

How can one break through these invisible barriers that are only in place within the mind… How can one see life for the opportunity it is instead of the confinement you fight everyday to feel free within…

Perhaps the answer is much easier than a humanized mind would lead you to believe..

Perhaps the answer was there from the beginning and replaced with the logic you “need” to survive..

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