Beyond the paradox.. (A poem by Jack)

Too preoccupied with positioning themselves within a paradigm..When ironically they are the paragon..

Coincidentally enough.. This has created quite the paradox..

For the potential is there.. Whether it’s realized or not..

The others see.. 

Pardon me ma’am but your regal bearing is being withheld.. Is what they murmur..

As they look upon in contempt and disgust as their dignitary doesn’t act so dignified..

But she still be so..

So they can’t withdraw their gaze..

She has their attention and always will..

For beyond the paradox they feel the truth..

But beyond their sight.. They can’t see.. They refuse to see.. Eyes not shut.. This is voluntary blindness..

But within the paradox she feels stifled but has found a vagabonds nestling.. Is she refugee… Is she vagabond.. Is she she captive(a civilization’s battery)..  Is she gipsy..

As it may be she still and will always be Queen..

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