Choices… (A poem by Jack)

The people spoke..

The universe tells..

Let go of the past.. Release the history.. That’s the only way to move forward..

Unfortunately that theme doesn’t resonate with me..

History can’t be let go when it’s embedded with so much Hate..

The only reciprocation is punishment..Action without consequence isn’t freedom.. It’s a lie..

I am here to alleviate.. Bring forth truth..

The only truth I know is selection.. Divine order.. 

And choices require responses..

A pruning is to occur… 

The next echelon will not land on us.. We must usher such forth.. The Gatekeepers of humanity must do their part.. And we must do ours..

The lion will not roar.. And the dragon will not soar.. Without the choices of our Will being activated…

An uprising..       In which no soul is safe..

What’s your choice?

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