Cowardly Lion (a poem by Jack)

What’s a lion… Stripped of its mane?What’s a lion.. Stripped of its roar?

What’s a lion.. Stripped of its pride?

I’ve seen lost men… Wondering souls.. Prideless reservoirs of built up frustrations.. Repressed human instincts.. Dulled.. Extinguished..

Where is all the strength?

It didn’t disappear.. Vanquished? 

Simply appropriated.. 

The mother of the universe cries out in pity.. Woe is thy man.. And all that thee have become..

Pity to the design I created.. And the abhorrence it has become.. Some say an evolution.. But I see a corrupt mutation..

Woe to man and what it has become.. Displaced instincts.. Displaced spirits.. Living in a distilled environment..

Woe to the disciples that can still see what lies in plain sight.. Do not allow the chastisement to sully the righteous spirit..

Eventually the lion will war again.. Eventually the lion will roar again..

As acentric as one’s sentience would lead the consciousness to believe the universe to be.. It isn’t so..Perception isn’t always the complete truth.. Only a fraction of such..

The lion will Roar again…

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