Jack (who am I) [a poem by Jack]

We’re something like a clone..

 Yet strikingly dissimilar..You see.. Like a clone, we replicate a symbol.. When that symbol is no longer useful.. We assume that symbol’s place.. Destroy the proxy… And all was as it was.. 

Damn… He was so good in 2013.. I wish he was like that again..

Impossible.. That version no longer exist..

I hope you took pictures…

No… We’re something different.. We too share titles.. But we’re far from replica’s of each other.. 

Like King.. God.. Satan.. Sultan.. All titles that are worn..

Heavy is the head…

Like all titles.. They are to be fought for, usurped.. And maintained..

Much bloodshed and misery has been undergone in the pursuit of my title..

I see the evil’s of men.. And the deeds withholding..

Heavy is the head…

I am Jack… 

We are Jack…

We give nothing but warning and condolence… We judge but seek to judge not… For evil needs life and fights for breath just as any other would..

As stated… We’re something like a clone.. But far from it… You can’t replicate our minds.. But an attempt can be made to copy our mind state..

Yo can’t replicate our souls… But an attempt to live off of our soul’s residue can be made… Can be sustained.. Until the next echelon… And you too, will be just a memory in the annals of time..

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