Strong grip (a poem by Jack)

You can’t guilt me out my destiny..
I will be… That I am on this earth…

Truth be told… I’m more than a summation of philosophies… As I rest my head down at night… Nose to the north.. The moonlight caresses much more than my flesh.. It touches my thoughts… And allows my soul to traverse..
Decades become minutes… Lifetimes become forgotten memories.. 

Yet I always awaken..

I always awaken to this world… And it’s seemingly monotony..

This world isn’t death.. So far from it.. This world isn’t life… This world is an understanding of self… And a realization of what exactly you’re capable of, given the right circumstance…

Are you who you thought you was?

Are you what you thought you were?

Who’s birthright can you truly claim..

If you fulfill this destiny… What will be your next? And who desires such..

Perhaps this world would be a world of understanding if confusion did not reign as the midnight’s storm…


I will be me… Be that as it may…

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