Where art Thou (a poem by Jack)

I hide myself from each..Not all of me from every each..

But a different piece of me is hidden from all..

I’ve gotten good at this, a man of many faces of you will.. He runs this spectrum…

To this I’m that.. And to that I’m this..

So none sees the full me.. Not even me..

Self discovery they say… 

But the more I learn of me… The less I like what I see…

Shall I lie to myself or heal me..

Can I be healed or is this not the real me either…

Woe is me… 

The easiest has become the most difficult.. It’s the stagnation that has failed me.. It’s not that I can’t go anywhere.. It’s that I know not where to go…

And a man without direction is headed no where but to a destiny of self destruction..

So maybe I like it here… Self-sabotaged and hidden… Hidden from others.. And more important … Hidden from myself…

Where am I, and why can’t I be?

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