island fever (a poem by Jack) 

All around me..Self sustaining islands of evil…

And how do I know?

Because I’m fond of mirrors…

(Take a gander)

I see that which is in me…

An epidemic.. Making us all..

Licentious… Wanton… Greed..

(Not even the half)

Content.. Idleness… Apathy…

(There’s more)

Self righteous… Self justifying.. 

Yes I know this extremely well…

I know this all too well… And everyday I wish there were some God to make me suffer for my cruelty…

if not but to just justify my macabre…

Yet I self loathe not… I repent not… Because I know in my heart I will reap the result of my actions… Perhaps not in this time signature, but my soul travels for eternity and my spirit is forever..

Even though I nightmare, I awaken guilt free..

Even when I experience misfortune, I play the victim…

Even when I’m in the wrong I say I’m right..

Yet no matter my belief, I can’t change what will be… No matter how much of an island I believe myself to be…

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