No respect for love (a poem by Jack)

I am not perfect, because your perception of perfection is warped…

But am I what you perceive?

I am perfect because I am that I am..

I strive for more.. Yet not to be more… But to illuminate what remains hidden…

Am I what I tend to believe?

She said, I have never known love as she has..

Therefore I wouldn’t understand..

But she hasn’t dwelled on death as I have.. So she can’t see what I see…

When you have endured the life’s I have, pride and principal far exceed love… Love is too fleeting and fickle but respect carries over from life time to life time…

Ever look in a man’s eye… And disdain his every breath, but you’ve never met the man before in your life?

Respect endures… Love fleets…

So when she replies I wouldn’t understand because I haven’t known love, it isn’t that I haven’t known love… It’s actually that I have known love and know exactly of its traits…

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