low life (a poem by Jack)

He’s a soul who can’t live free..Everything he despises draws to him like a moth to an unextinguishable flame ..

Or perhaps it’s his vision that’s narrow–always seeing the worst in everything..

Either way he’s unfulfilled because he can’t see past his torment.. Self-sabotaging because his eyes are full of deceit..

Can not he see that His blessings are just as evident? Yet he prefers the spectrum of tunnel vision..

A bull in a blind rage, his thoughts spew…focusing on red and missing all the other colors life has to offer…

It’s cold and damp–the dwelling place of self-deprecation 

Run child until you find happiness.. Go and seek.. All for nil … A pessimistic-self-serving-nihilistic shell of a man he is..

‘Twas why he views the world as such…

If only he can see in himself that beauty which the world has been waiting for…

If he can kill his darkness perhaps his beauty will be set free…

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