dark matter (a poem by Jack)

At night we see truths..This night I saw the truth..

A rather dark, many-faced soliloquy

Quiet rhtheroic we writing the fabric of my identity..   

An adhesive…

A soul, my soul, that frowned with the face of many others..

I recognized the soul as mine but the faces… So foreign..

Yet, if I looked in a mirror I would identify these faces as mine.. Quite a paradox, you see…

Did they annex the soul or were they engulfed by the soul.. Indistinguishable they have become… successful symbiont 

Do you know what rest within you while you slumber?

They say, “stay woke,” but that’s when what rest within operates most effectively..

Dark matter… Vulnerable soul.. Cold and sticky place..

Cold sweats… Warm hearts… Narrow mind..

Quite a sub culture to breed the unimaginable…

I shouted it out of me and saw it struggle as it was being pulled away, but fear protected it.. I commanded with the authority thereof that it leave…It screamed as its face was being pulled from my soul but doubt showed pity and put an end to that…

Until I am truly free, the struggle I must manage and live on despite the many faces within…

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