The meek will inherit (a poem by Jack)

They call it survival of the fittest..But their whole precept is skewed..

From afar it’s all a numbers game.. People aren’t people when you add the numbers up.. They evolve into statistics..

It’s nothing personal.. They just don’t see humanity.. At least not how you and I perceive..

I see wisdom… in that snow white beard and those sun worn fingers..

I see an alpha in those big broad shoulders..

Slumped brow..Dingy jeans…dirt encrusted finger nails..As he drags along the concrete… 

Unfortunately the sign “hungry need food, anything will help,” doesn’t prove so alpha..

How can a god be reduced to a mere beggar…

Such is a system: designed for “them” to reach the top and justify lookin down on the others..

A system we all contribute to..

A system that can’t collapse without the power of disbelief..

Suspend belief and watch it crumble and witness the earth return to its children…

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