Quantum Jack ( a poem by Jack)

I’m a time traveler unstuck in a time loop.. From place to place … Plane to planeI saw what will be before I ever saw what it was, my preference is to see the future before studying the past..

But this isn’t about me.. As I stated..I’m unstuck..

It’s the others..They seem to be stuck in their misery.. an infant loop.. as cycliyle as the arc of their tears..

A time loop..repetitive lust and detrimental trautmitization..

Stuck in animosity, day in day out, lifetime after lifetime…living for it..

No forgiveness, so a part of you stays where it’s stuck.. and it’s all or nothin..so if you can’t go..all will remain..

But stagnation it content..and idle souls are the tranportation of parasites.. things that can’t live without the energy force of the unliving..the dying never truly becoming the dead..but stuck

Stuck in a purgatory..because heaven and hell is what you make it..but this time loop will remian objective..

But I’m just a traveler if time…unstuck in an infinite loop..subjectively observing…


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