False Awakenings.. (A poem by Jack)

In all my lives of living, I’ve never witnessed so many souls in desperation for their grave, macabre..

Far from grace.. They repel repentance.. In search of the evils… Constant emotional trauma relived in every waking experience..unbearable truths they feel, with an inability to cope.. 

Face the trauma and it loses its power..

But they’d rather be comatose, resting in stagnate unperceived misery.. A sensual misery that enjoys itself, while presenting itself as relief–self-medication …

So they are content with slumber and awaken into a stuper…

They are addicted to the slump.. 

Yes, at a time, long ago, they could be called victim..

But years.. Generations…and Times have passed and you still claim victim.. Meaning no self-accountability… Meaning antagonistic creatures are birthed from antagonistic wounds.. Creatures that lash out… And protect what’s left of them at all cost..

Creatures they fall in love wit.. Only satiated by indulgences… Licentious … And wanton activities… A self centered creature that feeds and feeds until nothin remains of them but death…

That to which they are addicted …

That to which they live for…

That to which… They will die from… Only to repeat the cycle all over again.. Day in day out… Life in, life out..

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