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Creativity (Is it yours… Or ours?)

It is said that we do not see with our eyes, but with our brains. Our eyes merely act as a lens to what we can perceive. Our brain can only see as much as our range of perception.

As I stated in a previous blog, I do not believe as human beings that we are creative beings. I do not believe that we can be the impetus of anything creative. Creativity implies that we can spontaneously create something out of nothing. I do not believe that we create anything in any arena of life from art to children. All that which we presumable create is merely the end result of a chain of occurrences—that being manifestation on this physical plane of existence the final result. We are merely conductors or purveyors of ideals and objects deemed creative. I believe all minds are unique and operate on different frequencies. Some minds are able to perceive beyond what the “typical” mind can perceive, their range of perception is oriented differently. They become a purveyor of that which is outside of the superficial. And by superficial I mean the things by which have their bases in this physical realm.
I do not believe everyone has the same level of access to this realm, so each of our conductors are all important and add something to the collective consciousness. They may pool from the same pool of information but the manner and things attained are unique.
Even though I do not believe that anyone is creative, for simplicity purposes I still refer to these people as creative individuals. These people include: poets, writers, scientist, artist, doctors, technologist, etc. — pretty much anything that draws upon ideals that are outside the grasp of the common man. These individuals have gifts and it is to up to them how they cultivate these gifts and by what means that they use the gifts. They can be gods unto themselves and utilize these gifts for their own desires or they can be of the “Creator” and use these gifts to benefit those in need or the collective.
Why monetize your art when it could help expand the perception of another in one way or another? Can you put a price on the collective growth of humanity? Do you have that right? If so, that makes you a god–but of what nature?
I do believe there is a percentage among us who have gifts. There are those among us who have perception into realities that are beyond the scope of this physical realm but have complete consequence in this realm. There are plenty among us that have the slightest idea of their potential—and are often ridiculed for their “differences”. I do believe that the current manner in which our brain is wired creates much friction. It doesn’t allow many of these gifts to manifest properly. It doesn’t allow many of these gifts to cultivate properly. And this creates for many scars on the psyche of individuals and much of the psycho-somatic backlash within individuals. Many of these gifts are beyond the scope of art or what we typical attribute to being creative. Many of these gifts are necessary for the progression of man but aren’t yet ready to be accepted by the majority of man. For man fears collective change yet will always follow suit once change has proven right.
And of course there are always those who seek to profit from man’s state of stagnate.

My first time pondering about this topic was in 2006 while in college and is as follows: There is no such thing as imagination. There is nothing tangible that one can grasp in the physical realm. Imagination is a realm of its own, a realm of information–decipherable, purposeful and in existence. Men cannot and has not thought of anything “new”. All ideas, concepts, and beings are translated through the realm of imagination. They all are alive and exist but to what extent, where and why is the question. Man is not a creative being; man is a tool who has the ability to tap into many realms and one being that of the eternal source. There are other entities around us that do not have this luxury… Our outer layer of skin operates as a brain in function if you will–it receives information–this information is communicated through art, but isn’t decoded by the actual brain like typical information is gathered from the other 5 senses.–As above so below–cosmic information is gathered and sent through light–received through skin–hair–melanin–decoding and communicating this information is the gift. Being able to decipher and understanding this information is taking the gift to the next level. Utilizing this information to better yourself and others is taking the gift to the highest level.

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