Dragon tails (an ode by Jack)

Dragons sleep, great slumber.. Because they dream too you know..

But not of typical measures.. Nothing lucid.. But of worlds beyond worlds.. They travel through time and from planet to planet.. Thus what they dream about is impossibilities yet to manifest…
Temporal science..
I’ ve seen children of man hunt and kill every dragon they could.. I’ve seen the remaining dragons become man… 
I’ve seen man and mankind coexist… One domineering over the other.. Without the other having any true knowledge of self.. Or the endless possibilities they could manifest..
Embers.. Tumble from flames..
Flames burn… And seek not for destruction but only to live… So fires burn quietly within.. Nostrils produce smoke… Fires extinguish..
Hoping to be rekindled by the spirit of humanity.. Cracking the cosmic egg.. Allowing the yolk of perseverance to drip… Our flesh becomes stained with the yolk of hopes past and the ashes of humanity lost..
But quietly we prepare for its return.. Quietly we await the Pentecost when our tongues can be set ablaze and we speak the language of antiquity.. The ancient math when all things add up.. I dream so much.. And when I awake it feels I’ve been gone for so long.. I immediately hug the person I’m with because it feels like I’ve been gone for eons…
Tail flapping in the wind…
Tail flapping in the wind…
A dragon lost but never gone..
Tail cutting through the wind..
Fires extinguish to be rekindled in kin…
Until then.. That tail will be flapping in the wind…

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