Dreams ask why? (A poem by Jack)

When your heroes crash and burn… When all you admired turns cold and lifeless…

What hope do you have?
Beyond ideology lies chaos and anarchy… Is this why we fear ourselves…and must be ruled by words…
Do words formulate the perimeters of dreams or do dreams provide impetus for words and word of mouth alike..

What happens to a person that is conscious with their own dream..conscious within their own dream.. Or consciously aware of one’s dream..or consciously living a dream?

Do you continue to walk with the illusion.. Within the illusion.. As part of the illusion..
Do you figure away out.. Do figure away to change the illusion.. Do you reside in cohabitation with.. Are you the illusion?
Perhaps you ask yourself.. For what reason is this illusion present.. Do I need it or does it need me more.. And if I’m in so much control.. Why can’t I end this.. All of it.. 
My mind is my God, because all it perceives is all I know? Then that would make my mind the purveyor off all that is evil… 
There is everything to fear when hope no longer exist..not from you of course.. Because disillusionment leads to liberty.. Or at least the way towards liberation becomes illuminated..
But that which controls the illusion has most to lose…
And you have everything to (re)gain..

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