philistine God.. (A poem by Jack Stuper)

There’s nothing wrong with it,because that’s how they live… I mean you fight it initially because it’s sick… It’s unnatural… But you slowly become desensitized.. The obscure becomes a place called home… The obscene proves a reference of familiarity…

You become that which you once feared.. 

I’ve survived many generations.. I’ve seen many men fight the monster.. Run from the monster.. But eventually she always wins out.. You either join her or become devoured.. There is no room for anything less..

I’ve seen others scold me for pointing out the monster.. I’ve been ridiculed for not sacrificing myself to the monster.. I’ve been made to feel ashamed or less than a man because of Her..

She’s swallowed souls whole and spit out the hallow remains.. I’ve shaken hands with lifeless men.. Men who believed they live to die and nothing more..

Yes,a dichotomy me she is.. A simple duality she mirrors…Because she is the source of pestilence.. Yet the purveyor of all comfort and happiness given.. But it’s at a price… It’s always at a price… Most don’t know themselves so what they give is of know value..

But as I’ve stated.. I’ve lived plenty generation.. And I know that she can’t survive without us… She can’t survive without us.. But you can’t survive without her.. Least all but the  deviant has been led to believe..

Duller and duller the senses grow.. The philistine population grows exponentially.. They fight for her.. They kill for her.. They die for her.. 

I lay down with Wisdom every night and pillow talk.. Why.. I ask.. How.. I ask..

Watch she says… Be patient she says..

But how long must I witness… How many generations must be devoured before enough is enough..

The heart of the philistine is valiant.. Yet so is the soul of the righteous..

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