They know that you’ll do it.. (A poem by Jack City)

The thought of myself.. Is scary.. What am I.. And to what extent does my power extend..

They don’t know anything about the unloved.. If so they would love them like I do.. They can’t possibly see among the dark.. Or else they would see there is nothing to fear but themselves..

Do you really believe in heaven.. If so, do you truly seek it.. You think when you get there, all your darkness will die? All will be forgiven and your darkness.. Just dies?

Your darkness stays with me.. It resides with me.. All that is unloved, I will love.. I will cherish..

You are your enemy, and I will be your whipping boy.. I will embody the adversary because this is too much power to waste.. Too much darkness to explore, depths and depths of misunderstood chaos searching.. Yearning for a leader.. Thirsty for someone to respect and love and to be respected and loved in return..

Empatheticly I withdraw judgement..because I understand every action has a reaction, coincidences could never be… And we’re all merely byproducts of decisions forgone..

To wrap your head around the dissonance is scary, to decide an conquer is even scarier.. And to be defeated by self is to be most feared..

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