Phantom details of reality.. (A poem by Jack)

First, they came in a dream..

As a faint recollection.. Just to ensure I could see…
Red thing.. Circle face.. Spiral tail.. Staring in my face in utter bemusement.. Analyzing.. Studying.. Evaluating.. Intrigued they were.. They assumed I could not see them.. But I did.. And panic I did not..

I awoke, and after all it was just but a dream..

They later approached me as a man..

A wonderer who was quite impressionable.. A conduit who understood what he was but could not he blamed me for being them, when in actuality it was them who brought him upon me.. A message was delivered through all the murk..

He asked me have I seen the light? Implying demons could not do such… All the while shining the light directly into my corneas…

So I see him for what he was…

A transporter..

Simply there to stir up the waters… A harbinger of fate perhaps?

To dabble in the depths of evils because with knowledge comes desires… Or to stick with principles..

There will come a time to make the choice that determines destiny..

I peeped the words that were spoken….

I went to my temple to worship.. To find truth..She turned me away from the holy of holies… Then banned me from her sanctuary and restricted me from even entering the reception area..

Apparently I was desecrated– stigmatized and needed to be purified…

Where was I to go… If a demon can’t turn to God… Is he to be demonized forever..
I sought another, yet God banished the worship of any other.. If I can’t pray in the temple and I can’t serve another.. Who am I to turn to?

Nothing is left but self and reconciliation… This decision is of no other.. Not my gods it is mine… The power, the respect… The propensity is there.. The test have been conducted.. It is now time…

Make your choice!

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