9467 (a poem by Jack)

Living in the future is pleasant.. It’s fun, it really is.. But it feels too much like the future…And the past is feeling too much at a distance..

Do you remember? Because I do,we were something special.. We were just, as our love was… Wondering what wonders the future held..wondering what possibilities were going to externalize… And now we’re living it, with relinquished power, but living it..

Somewhere along the line signals got crossed because this isn’t what it was meant to be…

But the love was never lost…

It really feels like we’re in the future.. But not quite our future… Just a future we’ve smoothly adapted to..not perfect but smooth enough…

For what it’s worth.. It’s all the same.. The love is just as pure.. But the circumstances differ…

And that difference has tainted my soul a bit.. Created some bitterness that indifference couldn’t resolve..

When circumstance looks you in the face.. Indifference refrains from being an option any longer.. And it would appear.. Circumstances do nothing but surround us.. People, circumstance, and the condition of indifference… Yet this future I’m forced to uphold has given me just reason enough to reject apathy, for the simple fact that this future was not my choice, so I must care what happens to me.. Because it affects my love..

Tainted soul and all…

I live because I choose to live, and perhaps my love will one day make a difference, when it manifest to how it was in a time before.. You and me, no longer wondering, but doing–reigning–believing– and ruling…

So it is proven the future comes through us not by us…

That when desire and hope rules our hearts… But now we operate out of will and we will the future back to where it was meant to be, and our love will be the impetus…

A kiss… Is as sound as a promise..


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