Jackspeare (a poem by Jack)

No matter how false it is.. If you believe it long enough, it will manage to find a way to become true…Your story isn’t a universal truth, although it may be your standard of conduct it doesn’t write the script for the next man’s lullaby… 

That’s your god’s edict and your life journey… You may be cast as victor or villain but who is to decide but you and yours..

Verily verily.. I say unto you..

Though your script may impact the next man–Overlap with the next man…
Your story is not that man’s law…the lines of your play were written specifically for you and may not fit the next man at all…

So how does one find morality if it is truly this subjective… Check the end credits, and ask the Writer…

Your answer will find its way to you, it may be convoluted with filth along the way, but that’s Wisdom’s purpose to help you with your lines…

We are what dreams are made of, but do not make your nightmares another’s…without the darkness light holds no power…

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