No idles again… (A poem by Jack)

They probably thought I’d die in hell..
But hell created a pathway towards opportunity…

What’s the point of coming down here in a physical body.. If you don’t plan on playing by the rules.. Unless you aren’t here under your own fruition.. Perhaps you’ve been condemned as the rest of us… Encaged, ensnared… Entrapped.. In this hollow space defined as a body….

Perhaps you are a demon as I.. And this is the hell you’ve made for yourself…

A chance to make right…

That from which you have fallen…
If you love what you love.. Then why the curse… Why the formality.. Why the obsession with what doesn’t quite fit naturally… Can nature be wrong or is your spirit unsettled.. Perhaps your soul has traveled to one too many galaxies and unaware of all the rules and formalities it must follow..

Do as thou wilt.. Is the law of the slave.. Quite ironic.. To be free one must follow ardent rules.. And if one doesn’t follow these rules they will be condemned to unending misery…

Yet to be a slave to one’s desire is no freedom at all..

What is a boy to do? Damn if I do… Damned if I don’t..

Perhaps I should sit idle….

And let the stars show me the truth…

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