blinded bright.. (A poem by Jack E. Blaze)

Some Suns shine brighter than others..The sun traverses the universe.. And like any vortex, it brings those within it’s reach along with it..

So which star shines bright for you.. The brightest blaze garners the most attention…Whom do you put your faith.. Where are they taking you? Or maybe it’s you and you’re the center of your universe…

Suns never burn forever.. Eventually they become moons adhering to a power that’s plenty greater..

I prayed to the sun.. There was a time.. I bathed in the Rays of the sun until I perceived a false truth…

I realized it was my energy she basked in all along.. And what is a man to do with such a profound truth.. What do you do when the wonders of your soul’s radiance is blinding–quite any and all perceivers…

Do you diminish the bright? Do you allow others to direct your vortex.. And what can a sun do with all these planets in its orbit…

I’ve seen a sun bleed tears…

I’ve seen a sun scorch earth..

I’ve seen a sun lose its way… Focusing on the surrounding planets and where they’re going when really you’re leading the way..

Shine and they will follow…

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