Plastic Doll.. (A poem by Jack E Frost)

What is sleep without a dream.. The same as life is without a dream…

Plastic child… Chase your plastic dreams…

Your image is nothing.. I don’t believe in it..I know you hold it near and more than dear to your heart.. But it has no loyalty to you.. None…

Don’t you sleep every night and feel forsaken? Did you not know what that aloneness was?
You build it up your image, and even put your soul into it.. Identifying with the facade.. But, fuck the truth huh?

Because the truth is, I see you..

And you don’t want that.. You don’t want anyone to see you.. You want to hide behind all your fears and ambitions.. A lil babe wearing a Knights armor..

But, fuck the truth

Your truth is dying.. Excuse me, I said your truth is dying and your spirit along with it..

What good is a soul if it vibrates out of frequency?

Is a body without use of a soul any more worthwhile than plastic?

They would lead you to believe… And the fact they do and aren’t questioned is the true tragedy…

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