Solarity (a poem by Jack Nitty)

If the sun dies.. Does not the earth along with it..

Don’t stay proud of who you are.. It’s quite circumstantial.. Who you are can dissipate from this life to the next..

The solar eclipse of reality caste when the moon dictates what should be…

The moon is the hidden truth that remains hidden behind the Sun’s ego..
What you are will always remain.. 

And what I am is of the most high..
The stuff where magic procreates…

But the reflection of who I am dances in the moon light.. The Sun often betrays the truth, until another shows you exactly who you are…

When the mirror is held to your face… And the reflection you see burns the flesh.. Do you run from the pain.. Or seek a glimpse of who you really are… In spite of the pain…

Do you really want to know who you when the tide sets.. Are you comfortable enough with what you are to not let who you are corrupt what you have and will become?

When the Sun dies.. Do not the other planets along with it?

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