static (a poem by Jack)

Because you know you’re great, people will often require a physical manifestation of such to justify it so, that’s of no necessity and isn’t your obligation to provide..

My DNA knows slavery.. But it knew God for much longer..

It’s only natural… Elasticity.. I gravitate back to my natural state….

Shock.. Traumatized Phenomena… Circumventrical exploration of soul… Rat racing back to it’s most poignant tragedy..

My brothers, yes, knew slavery but it’s the least of all they know..

My gods knew rape… But remain the gatekeepers of humanity.. The purveyors of all mankind.. So the fruit of her labor is just.. And the torment her soul feels is justified.. 

Can you continue to test her Will?

We know hope because our future is our past…

So in the mean time.. It’s the stress of the present that clouds our judgement… Fried our clairvoyance and foresight of anything worthwhile..

Rat racing to the present is a fantastical tragedy..

But we endure.. And find a way to to see love through the static of corrupted sight…

Love is all we know… And it’s our only tangible manifestation of our Great..

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